Sunday 22 February 2015

Bodies of ISIS terrorists piled onto flat-bed truck after more than 60 are killed in battles with Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq

As you can see, the Peshmerga are complying 
with the Geneva Convention regulation 
that all "extremists" be given a ride home to Hell 
when they have been killed on the battlefield

From the Daily Mail:
More than 60 Islamic State terrorists have been killed after fierce fighting broke out overnight in northern Iraq, Kurdish officials have said. 
Their bodies were piled into a digger claw and onto the back of a flat-bed truck today in the strategic village of Sultan Abdullah, which extremists have targeted repeatedly in the past two months. 
The bloody assault came just a day after U.S. officials revealed they are planning a 25,000-soldier invasion of Mosul - which was seized by Islamist militants last June - in as little as six weeks.
Photos taken today showed Kurdish forces, known as Peshmerga, amassing the bodies of Islamic State militants at their heavily-attacked headquarters in the village of Sultan Abdullah. 
A spokesman for the Kurdistan Democratic Party's Foreign Relations Office told MailOnline: 'ISIS militants have attacked Peshmerga frontlines twice in the last three days in the heights of Sultan Abdulla and on the Makhmour front. 
'In each case the militants were defeated, and repulsed in such a way they reportedly left behind 60 bodies.'

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